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its kinda scary how your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager 


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'Why' & 'How' is gong to become my two favorite words….aside from 'Tacos' and 'Spaghetti' of course..

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Grey • Navy • Paisley | #vscocam #style #suitup #secondbutton #hugoboss #dapper #simplydapper #suit #menswear #calvinklein #spreadcollar #tiebar #nyc #nj #gq #paris #tokyo

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personal photos updated….

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Today’s Good Read

"I learned that there is nothing to fear from truth. While some truths can be scary—for example, finding out that you have a deadly disease—knowing them allows us to deal with them better. Being truthful, and letting others be completely truthful, allows me and others to fully explore our thoughts and exposes us to the feedback that is essential for our learning." - Ray Dalio (2011)

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Some of my favorites in play here:
1. Gingham blazer
2. Knit tie
3. Cutaway collar
4. Fun pocket square
Note the use of the breast pocket as sunglasses storage.
photo from www.thearmoury.tumblr.com